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BOOTSY COLLINS『Hip Hop Lollipop feat. Fantaazama』7inch


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BOOTSY COLLINS『Hip Hop Lollipop feat. Fantaazama』7inch

Format: 7inch
Price: ¥2,050 + tax
Release date:2022/11/23

★Complete limited edition production

Japan's own 7" cut of the latest number from the absolute god of funk Bootsy Collins!

Bootsy Collins' latest album 'The Power of One' bonus project! A Japan exclusive 7" cut of the new song 'Hip Hop Lollipop' featuring Hamburg artist Fantasma, a remake of the song 'Club Funkateers' from TPOTO! The song was digitally released to celebrate Black History Month in February 2022 and features Victor Utten (b) and Branford Marsalis (sax), with the original song used almost verbatim (the music video released at the same time features Utten also appears), coupled with the 2019 digital single 'Bootsy's Play-Cation' featuring the Rubber Band, which will be included as a bonus track on the TPOTO domestic CD! This is a fan-favourite single!

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. Hip Hop Lollipop feat. Fantaazma
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Bewise (FredWreck Remix)