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Shipping policy

Sagawa Express
Free shipping for purchases of 10,000 yen or more (excluding tax).

Nationwide uniform ¥ 660 (tax included)

* Okinawa and remote islands will be contacted separately.
* For remote islands, you will be responsible for the relay fee and the actual cost.

【about the order】
・ We do not accept delivery dates.
・ We do not accept cancellations or changes even before the product is shipped, so please consider carefully before purchasing.
・ Luggage ordered separately cannot be combined into one.

[Product receipt period]
The product you ordered will be available for"7 days"from the date of shipment from our company.
If the customer is absent, the shipping company will contact you by notification of absence, so please take action. Please note that you will not be able to receive convenience stores.
However, in the following cases, the product will be automatically returned to us, so we will cancel it after confirming the return.

・ If you cannot contact the contact information provided in the out-of-office notification ・ If you do not know your address or phone number

* Even if you have already paid for the item, the item that has passed the receivable period will be automatically returned, so please be sure to receive the ordered item.

[If you cannot receive it]
If you do not receive the ordered goods (return of goods from the delivery company) We have a grace period of one month from the time of dispatch to store the goods. If we are unable to contact you within this period, we will cancel your order.

* Please note that the shipping fee for reshipment after return will be borne by the customer (cash on delivery, * in the case of cash on delivery, the shipping fee will be added).

Nationwide uniform ¥ 286 (tax included) * Excluding items subject to free shipping

You can send items that meet all of the following conditions.

・ Size (upper limit):Square A4 size (length 31.2 cm or less, width 22.8 cm or less)
・ Size (lower limit):length 23 cm or more ・ width 11.5 cm or more ・ thickness:2.5 cm or less ・ weight:1 kg or less

* Targets larger than"11.5 cm in length x 23 cm in width".
* If the size exceeds the above size, we will ship it by Sagawa Express.
* Nekoposu can only deliver CDs, 7-inch records, some books, and some goods.
Estimated:CD"1 to 4 discs", 7 inch"1 to 4 discs", books/goods vary depending on the target.
* Please note that all cat POS will not be available for shipping records (LP).
* For orders that do not meet the weight regulations due to multiple orders, etc., we will contact you again for the shipping fee.

【please note】
If you choose the delivery method by"Nekoposu", the payment method is only credit card payment.
If you wish to pay by"Cash on Delivery", please specify"Sagawa Express"as the delivery method.
Nekoposu will be post-mailed. We cannot compensate for damage, theft or loss during delivery or posting.
The amount of compensation (responsibility limit) for cat POS is up to 3,000 yen (tax included) per cat POS.
Please contact the courier company for warranty on damage, stains, loss, etc. of the product due to an accident during delivery.