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This is what blues is all about! The Blues Heritage series, which will feature works on 45 rpm and 10-inch analog records, is starting!

Original recording provided by P-Vine Planning: Yasufumi Higurashi & Akira Kochi

Boss Card appears! In an age where there are countless songs to listen to, Boss Card is the ultimate move to show the essence of blues. If you enjoy it, it will melt into your body, and if you know it, you will naturally understand the essence of this powerful music, as well as its history and tradition, and your interest will be piqued. We are starting the Blues Heritage Series with the hope that this way of listening will continue for generations to come. - Yasufumi Higurashi

There must be many young fans who want to listen to blues music, but when they look on subscription sites, they can't tell which songs are good or highly rated, and can only listen vaguely. In this age of subscriptions, we want to spread the joyous act of listening to the live sound of works that are considered to be "definitive blues songs" on 10-inch 45 rpm analog records. We will bring you masterpieces, great songs, and great performances that have the inherent power of blues but have been buried due to lack of recognition or buzz, along with the charm of analog. We must pass on the original goodness and brilliance of black music to future generations in a tangible form! We paid particular attention to remastering for analog cutting, and also paid attention to the 10-inch jacket design that feels great in the hand. --Kochi Akira


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BUSTER BENTON "Spider In My Stew" 10inch

(¥3,300 Tax included.)

EARL HOOKER "Calling All Blues" 10inch

(¥3,300 Tax included.)

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