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xiexie『XIEXIE / 33』CD(Expanded Edition)


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xiexie『XIEXIE / 33』CD(Expanded Edition)

Format: CD

Tokyo based alternative rock band, xiexie is going to release the Vinyl/CD for the first time. They make a parallel world with their dreamy and psychedelic sounds. Their music is a bridge between asian indie music scene and Japanese indie music scene.
xiexie is a Tokyo based alternative band that was formed in January 2020. They are composed of four musicians, Meari(Vo&Gt), Yamato Kouda(Gt), Teruyuki Kai(Ba) and Kouichi Hida(Dr). They each have been following very different career paths so xiexie is a new band that gathers four very experienced musicians into one place.

Their music is influenced by Indie pop, dream pop, and psyche pop from overseas, and they make an original style with Japanese lyrics and melody. so their music is reminiscent of artists that released from Polyvinyl Records, such as Alvvays and Hazel English but their sound has a heavier Asian indie music flair.

xiexie also has been playing shows constantly around Tokyo. They have played FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2022 and Opening for Tommy Guerrero and playing with some Asian artists as well. They played their first overseas shows in Taiwan and a lot of Taiwanese listeners came to their headline show after they played a festival in Taiwan. So they showed off their potential for success in the Asian indie market.

This vinyl includes 10 songs which combine 2EP which xiexie have released since they started. If you like Indie music they’re the best Japanese artist to check out right now.


xiexie "da da" (Official Music Video)

xiexie "sea bird" (Official Music Video)


■Track list

  • 1. da da
  • 2. soon
  • 3. narrow sea
  • 4. alien
  • 5. blue
  • 6. 13
  • 7. firefly
  • 8. what you see
  • 9. poly
  • 10. N.O.U
  • 11. lamp
  • 12. sea bird
  • 13. far
  • 14. hanehane
  • 15. walking man
  • 16. parallel alligator