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STAN MOSLEY『No Soul, No Blues』CD


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STAN MOSLEY『No Soul, No Blues』CD

Format: CD
Price: 2,500yen + tax
Release date: 2022/12/21

Creating the best soul blues of today!
The most highly acclaimed soul singer working today, Stan Mosley, has created a masterpiece that is both raw and tough, and will blow a hole in the current soul-blues scene!
There can be no blues without the guts of the soul, of course!

To seek out the leading singers in the black community's music entertainment world (chitlin circuit) and give them the opportunity to offer their songs from a broader perspective, to shout and sing with their guts, and to break away from the patterned, unimaginative soul-blues formula that pervades the current music world. This is the concept behind the album project. The singer chosen for this project is Stan Mosley (born in Chicago in 1952), who also worked for Malaco Records, a stronghold of contemporary southern soul. The most reliable blues producer, Eddie Stout of Dial Tone Records, was entrusted with the task, and here we have the best soul-blues album of our time, a rare and rare soul-blues album.

Early acclaim from Blues & Soul Records magazine!
It will be featured prominently in the 12/25 issue, including an interview!
Living Blues in the U.S. also decided this was awesome and decided on the cover!

Blues in form but not in substance, the same old sad pattern of soul, JB dead but funk not dead...really? And here's a surprisingly full answer to that frustration and disappointment! There is no blues without soul! Blues and Soul that is now asking the world to listen to is a super cool work that ignited in Texas, blew up in Japan, and stunned not only Europe and the United States, but also China, India, and the Pacific. ──Yasufumi Higurashi

The coolest, deepest, and most giddy soul-blues album ever made by one of the greatest soul singers of our time, who expresses his own blues with his throat and interpretation, is now ready and will be released first by P Vine before the US/Europe. How's that? Stan's band, which includes three horns and a Hammond organ, backs him up with four originals for this album, in addition to the work he has done in Chicago and St. Louis over the course of his career. This is the groove of black music, full of gush and joy.──Akira Kouchi

■Track list

  • 1. I'm Back To Collect
  • 2. Blues Man (No Soul, No Blues)
  • 3. Can't Get Next To You
  • 4. This Train
  • 5. Losing Hand
  • 6. Undisputed Love
  • 7. Stomp
  • 8. You Need Love
  • 9. Right Next Door
  • 10. I Smell A Rat
  • 11. Change of Heart
  • 12. A Woman Needs To Be Loved (CD Only)
  • 13. What You Need