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Game music『All Sounds Of Gdleen』CD

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Game music『Gdleen Complete Songs』

Format: CD
Price: ¥2,500
Release date:2020/11/04

Game music is a great art! From "Game Music Disc Guide ── Diggin'In The Discs" selected from tens of thousands of soundtracks and arrangements scattered in the history of game music from a "musical" perspective, not just as BGM. Among them, the masterpiece reissue series with high degree of perfection / rarity has started!

In the first release, the soundtrack "Gdleen Complete Song Collection" of the Japanese RPG "Gdleen", which was first released at Super Nintendo in 1991, will appear! The music is handled by "Psychosonic" by Haruhiko Tsuda, Toshimichi Isoe and others on Yo Oyama, who also works as a progressive rock unit "Asturias". A historic masterpiece with a very high musical reputation for its beautiful melody and solemn arrangement! In addition, on the occasion of this recurrence, songs that were not recorded on the soundtrack are reproduced by Yo Oyama himself, and the re-recorded sound source is additionally recorded as a bonus track!

Composers: Yo Oyama, Haruhiko Tsuda, Toshimichi Isoe / Arrangers: Hitoshi Sakimoto, Tenpei Sato, Naoto Arai

■Track list

  • 1. 悠久の時の流れ〜オープニング
  • 2. ルルアの森
  • 3. 水宮の廃墟
  • 4. 妖精ファナ〜ファナの泉
  • 5. 戦乱〜ハヴァリスとマイヨール
  • 6. 時の扉を越えて〜ガヴァナー神殿
  • 7. エウラドーナ
  • 8. エドナの都
  • 9. 魔道士タオ・ホー〜東の都にて
  • 10. 古の遺跡〜グランデの廃墟
  • 11. エウレス
  • 12. 戦士たちの休息
  • 13. 魂のやすらぎ
  • 14. ルーナ〜太陽の神殿
  • 15. ヨーレの村
  • 16. 無限の闇を巡る〜ダンジョン
  • 17. リゴルドの闘技場
  • 18. 中央制御室
  • 19. 最後の戦い〜暗黒神ズール
  • 20. 悠久の時の流れ〜エンディング
  • 21. 悠久の時の流れ〜プロローグ(ボーナストラック)
  • 22. 戦闘(ボーナストラック)
  • 23. 水宮の廃墟外観(ボーナストラック)
  • 24. ファナの水浴び(ボーナストラック)
  • 25. 時の門(ボーナストラック)