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Format: CD
Price: ¥2,200 + tax
Release date:2017/09/06

★liner notes:Yuki Kikuchi
★Bilingual translation of lyrics: Sumire Taya.

The best heartbreaking girl band of our time = All Ways! The world's long-awaited second album in three years is finally ready!

Too sad this time! Too mab! The crazy brilliance of youth and the fragility of the end of summer fill the entire album, a superb album that surpasses even the masterpiece 1st album!

Three years after their classic debut album "Alvvays", which shot through the hearts of all heartthrobs, young and old, from 90's revivalist US indie fans to neo-acoustic/guitar pop fans of yesteryear... Canadian band Alvvvays have finally released their long-awaited sophomore album. Canadian girl dream-pop band Alvvays have finally completed their long-awaited sophomore album! The beautiful vocalist Molly Rankin is excited to see what kind of heartbreaking melodies she will deliver this time, and when she presses the play button... from the first song "In Undertow", she sinks into a tear-jerking, sad, classic song! I listened to the next track, 'Dreams Tonite', again with a twilight-coloured melody, and I couldn't help but weep. The third or fourth track, a fast, garage-flavoured number that could be called another "Alvvays verse", confirms the premonition that this is a masterpiece! The rest of the album is a relentless rush of beautiful melodies and light garage pop that is just as good as the previous album, and by the time you've finished listening to all ten tracks, you'll feel like a young boy or girl in puberty! Again, this is an extra special album with all the innocence, unrequited love, frustration and moratorium of adolescence! When it comes to the current indie rock scene, when it comes to sweet and sour, fragile and heartbreaking sounds, there's no one better than the Allways!

■Track list

  • 1. In Undertow
  • 2. Dreams Tonite
  • 3. Plimsoll Punks
  • 4. Your Type
  • 5. Not My Baby
  • 6. Hey
  • 7. Lollipop (Ode To Jim)
  • 8. Already Gone
  • 9. Saved By A Waif
  • 10. Forget About Life