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Shugo Tokumaru『Rum Hee / Katachi』7inch


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Shugo Tokumaru『Rum Hee / Katachi』7inch

Format: 7inch
Price: ¥1,800 + tax
Release date.:2022/01/26

★Keep It Rollin' 45th×45rpm!!
★Initial limited edition
★ Pella jacket specification


Tokyo's rare pop genius: Tokumaru Shugo, who plays a myriad of instruments and all kinds of non-instruments, with guitar as his main instrument. The first single release of the most popular songs from their critically acclaimed albums from all over the world!

There is only one melody that is stateless and full of humor! "Rum Hee", which was recorded as a mini album "Rum Hee" and later in "Port Entropy" in 2010, is a toy box with colorful collages of various toy whistles and iron koto. One of Tokumaru Shugo's representative songs that looks like it's turned over!
"Katachi" recorded in "In Focus?" In 2012 has become a hot topic for MVs that express 2000 pictures (shapes) in stop motion, and has been released more than 600,000 times (total of more than 3 million times) in a few days. ) Playback is recorded. This work has won various awards such as the Grand Prix of the Commission Division of "The Greb International Animation Film Festival '14" and the 25 top music videos of "pitchfork" 2014. Toy pop, free folk, psychedelic and acoustic, all of which have original time signatures and overdubbing, yet pop and warm melody and singing voice can only be expressed by Tokumaru Shugo. Enjoy the magical charm of pop music with a special 7-inch!

■Track list

  • 1. Rum Hee
  • 1. Katachi