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COSMIC FORCE『Why Don't Love (Make Everything Right)』7inch


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COSMIC FORCE『Why Don't Love (Make Everything Right)』7inch

Format: 7inch

★First complete limited edition
★Latest Remastering

The world premiere reissue of COSMIC FORCE "Why Don't Love (Make Everything Right)", a superb mellow soul produced by Larry (Vjava) Lewis, who also participated in TRIBE releases by Wendell Harrison, Jimmy McCloud and others. 

This rare and premier single, which was released in 1978 when TRIBE went on hiatus and has always fetched high prices on the used market, will be reissued in 7-inch format with a jacket that did not exist on the original release and the latest digital remastering!

Produced by Larry ("Vjava") Lewis, who has been featured on TRIBE releases such as Wendell Harrison's "An Evening With The Devil" and Jimmy McCloud's "Don't Make The Angels Cry / I Blew It", this album features an acoustic composition of drums, bass, and piano, soft cutting guitars, urban saxophones, and flowing melodic violins.  Since its release in 1978, the album has never been reissued and is a collector's item that is always sold at a premium in the used music market. This reissue features a jacket that does not exist on the original release, and is now available in a 7" single format with the latest digital remastering.

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. Why Don't Love (Make Everything Right)
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. Why Don't Love (Make Everything Right)(Instrumental)