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NICO GOMEZ『Baila Chibiquiban』7inch


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 NICO GOMEZ『Baila Chibiquiban』7inch

The Groove-Diggers series, which has been releasing in paper jackets by delving into unknown masterpiece albums in 2012。
The 7-inch analog that was on sale at that time will also be reissued in its original appearance!One song from the popular Nico Gomez "Ritual" and "Bossa Nova", and the timeless legend "I Was Born To Love You", which is said to be the eternal goal of collectors. title! !!

A single from the European rare groove masterpieces "Ritual" and "Bossa Nova" left by Nico Gomez wrapped in a mysterious veil, one by one from his two major masterpieces, was left at that time. What I was doing is a miracle! !!
What's more, it's a miracle that the killer floor tunes of each album were recorded! !!What was the existence of such a single board!A delicious double cider! !!

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Title:Baila Chibiquiban
Product number:P7-6038
Release date:2013/07/17

A:Baila Chiquiban