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Format: LP
Price: 3,980 yen + tax
Release Date: 08/30/2023

★First complete limited edition

EBBY, a guitarist, composer, and producer, has been an original member of the legendary JAGATARA band since its inception in the 80's, which uniquely expressed various genres such as Afro-funk and rock beats with Edo Akemi at the center, and has completed his solo project album with gorgeous guest vocalists!

Co-wrote an Irish punk song with Aiki Nagayama of ALKOD, a core member of the world famous TURTLE ISLAND, who also performed with JAGATARA2020 at the "World Music Festival 2022 under the Bridge", and a great cover of JAGATARA's classic "Tango" by Mai Take, which has been covered by numerous artists. The concept of the album was to express JAGATARA's unique groove with female vocals, and the collaboration with Meyou, who has received acclaim from Babyface and Wu-Tang Clan and was active in Los Angeles for a while, on a danceable Minneapolis funk based song. The new version of JAGATARA's killer tune "The King of Nakedness", co-written in dancehall reggae style with Keyco and featuring the soulful voice of Okabe, is a new Afro-rock version with new lyrics and composition, "New King of Nakedness"!

A new rock-soulist song with Hiro, the vocalist of FACERS, a cover band of the rock band FACES with EBBY (officially recognized by the Rod Stewart Fan Club in the UK), and a Frank Sappa cover, in which EBBY shows his true talent as a guitarist, EBBY himself sings a new song with country blues style acoustic guitar, and from a producer's point of view, the songs are like a story woven by seven characters, men and women, for all generations. What does the title "ANOTHER STORY OF "J"" tell us? This is a hot topic of conversation even before its release!

■"SHOWCASE album of great EBBY MUSIC" is completed.
EBBY who loves Rock, EBBY who loves REGGAE who played guitar in TOMATOS, EBBY who loves Prince who played guitar in FOOLS, EBBY who provided songs for Kyon2, EBBY who loves Country and Traditional guitar, and EBBY who loves Zappa, EBBY the guitarist of JAGATARA.
This album is packed with the essence of the music that EBBY loves.
The three JAGATARA self-covers were great, the instrumentals were fresh, and the production was so good that I wanted to hear Yoshiki sing the ALKDO and Turtle Island versions of the songs. -- OTO

■Other comments of praise from Panta, S-KEN, Morio Agata, Makoto Kubota, Shigenori Kanehira (TBS), and others are arriving one after another!

■Track list

  • SIDE A:
  • 1. シン・裸の王様 (vocal 岡部達也)
  • 2. Goal (vocal Keyco)
  • 3. .Love is Stronger (vocal Hiro イシカワ ヒロシ)
  • 4. Organic Love (vocal Meyou)
  • SIDE B:
  • 1. 青空ノ彼方空祈レ (vocal 永山愛樹 from ALKDO, TURTLE ISLAND)
  • 2. 体温 (vocal Meyou)
  • 3. コンクリートの街 (vocal EBBY)
  • 4. Get the Power (vocal Keyco)
  • 5. .Tango (vocal 竹舞 from ALKDO, TURTLE ISLAND)