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9m88 『9m88 Radio』LP


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9m88 『平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity』LP

Format: LP
Price: ¥4,000+tax
Release Date :2023/09/15

Taiwan's leading SOUL/R&B singer "9m88″ is set to release his long-awaited second album! 
With guests from around the world including Oddisee (US), SUMIN (KOREA) and Mitsu the Beats/StarRo (JAPAN), 9m88's exceptional vocal ability and expressiveness are fully demonstrated in this world-standard NEO SOUL album!

The sophisticated arrangement of his cover of Mariya Takeuchi's classic song "Plastic Love" sung in Japanese has made him stand out from other artists who have covered the song, and his English-language vocals have also attracted listeners. Long-awaited new album!

It's been three years since 9m88's first album "平庸之上 = Beyond Mediocrity" was released in 2019, and the release of 9m88's second album is finally confirmed! After the release of the previous album, which was highly acclaimed as a new generation NEO SOUL/R&B work from Taiwan, 9m88 released their Jazz vocal work "This Temporary Ensemble" (EP) in 2021, which could be called their starting point, while collaborating with a wide range of artists. 9m88 Radio" is the release of 9m88, who has honed his singing ability and expressive power. The participation of a variety of guests from around the world is also noteworthy, including Layton Wu and other Taiwanese artists from the previous album, as well as US artists who have established a firm position with their organic sampling sounds and soulful lyrics based on soul and jazz. Washington DC rapper/producer Oddisee, SSW/multi-instrumentalist Silas Short, who has been highly recommended by Stones Throw Records, the most important label on the west coast of the US, and a producer who has provided songs for K-pop idols such as BTS and Red Velvet, but has also released his own music. BTS, Red Velvet and other K-Pop idols, while also providing music for her own alternative R&B and indie sounding Korean female SSW/producer Sumin, and from Japan, artists representing the club scene such as Mitsu the Beats and StarRo have contributed songs to the album. The producers have created a work that more than demonstrates the appeal of 9m88.

■Track list

  • SIDE-A
  • 1.Whatchu Gonna…? (Produced by Chun Yin Rainbow Chan)
  • 2.Tell Me(Produced by DJ Mitsu the Beats)
  • 3.Sleepwalking (feat. SUMIN) (Produced by SUMIN)
  • 4.Love is So Cruel (Produced by Arthur Moon)
  • 5.A Merry Feeling (Produced by Layton Wu)
  • 6.:-D
  • SIDE-B
  • 1.Friend Zone (feat. Oddisee) (Produced by StarRo)
  • 2.:’-(
  • 3.Dark Night / Sunlight (Produced by Chia-Lun Yue)
  • 4.Prelude to A Star*
  • 5.Star (Produced by Silas Short)