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A four-piece band based in Kichijoji, Tokyo, known as 'Neo-Kazemachi'.
Introduced in the music feature of the November 2019 issue of "POPEYE", the crown program "Gusokumuzu's Berihapi Radio" was broadcast on TBS Radio in August 2020.
Formed in 2014 as a fork unit of Eizo Tanaka (Vo / Gt) and Yuki Kato (Gt).
Yusuke Horibe (Ba) joined in 2016, and Yushi Nakajima (Dr) joined in 2018, and it will be the current system.
In 2020, we will continue to release singles energetically.
When we release "Subekaraku Dori Ame" in July 2021, we will release
J-WAVE "SONAR TRAX" and TBS Radio "This Week". It was selected as a "recommended song" and attracted a lot of attention.
After that, the song was released on 7inch on November 10th.
And it is decided to release the long-awaited 1st album "Gusokumuzu" on December 15th.

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