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Format: LP
Release Date:2023/10/18

★A rapper from Japanese finest crew KANDYTOWN
★First time pressed on vinyl

Gottz, who was also active as a rapper of KANDYTOWN which is one of most prominent hip-hop crews in Japan and broke up recently, had his first album "SOUTHPARK" released in 2018, and it is now finally available on analog! The album features guest appearances from MUD, Neetz, Ryugo Ishida (Yurufuwa Gang), Yo-Sea, and Hideyoshi (Tokyo Young Vision), as well as production from Neetz, FEBB as YOUNG MASON, Lil'Yukichi, and KM. It includes popular songs such as "+81" feat. MUD, "The Lights" feat. Ryugo Ishida and MUD, and "Neon Step" (w/ Yo-Sea & Neetz). 


Gottz - +81 feat. MUD

Gottz - The Lights ft. Ryugo Ishida, MUD

Gottz - Neon Step ft. Yo-Sea, Neetz

■Track list

    SIDE A:
  • 1. +81 feat. MUD
  • 2. Makka Na Mekkara
  • 3. Don't Talk
  • 4. Count It Up (PC2)
  • 5. Kamuy
    SIDE B:
  • 1. Move! feat. Hideyoshi
  • 2. Summertime Freestyle
  • 3. Raindrop
  • 4. The Lights feat. Ryugo Ishida, MUD
  • 5. Neon Step w/ Yo-Sea & Neetz