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RICK MASON AND RARE FEELINGS 『The Inner Dimensions Of Rick Mason And Rare Feelings』LP


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RICK MASON AND RARE FEELINGS 『The Inner Dimensions Of Rick Mason And Rare Feelings』LP


Format: LP
List Price: 3,980 yen + tax
Release Date: 08/30/2023

The extremely rare album that soul and funk hard diggers have been searching for with their eyes is finally back! The Rare Feelings, led by bassist Rick Mason, are finally reissuing the world's first official reissue of this classic rare groove album, renowned for its superb groove and vintage-inspired artwork!

This album was recorded in Philadelphia in 1977 by Rare Feelings, a band led by Rick Mason, who was fully involved as songwriter, arranger, and producer while also supporting the band's groove as bassist. This is a superb example of one of the few soul and funk hard diggers that every hard digger has wished to have and has been lucky enough to acquire, and it is a masterpiece that is numbing not only in its sound but also in its vintage-inspired artwork! Rick Mason's bass roars, the organ and horns fold in and out, and a faintly haunting vocal (?) enters, blended with an exquisite psychedelic feel. The opening track "Rare Feelings" (A1) blends exquisite psychedelic sensation with slap bass, swirling intro, raging horns and organ, and then suddenly changes the tone to mid-tempo with the intertwining of bewitching vocals again. The song suddenly changes to a mid-tempo and leads to "Dope" (A2) with its bewitching vocals, a sound that is worthy of being called rare groove! The instrumental number "Metamorphosis Funk" (B2), which features not only bass and organ, but also continuous drum fill-in, fast cutting guitar and solo, and flute lead, is sure to get the floor going! This is the first official reissue in the world!

■Track list

  • SIDE-A
  • 1.Rare Feelings
  • 2.Dope
  • 3.I Dream Of Love
  • 4.Funk Ain't Being Funky
  • SIDE-B
  • 1.The Angel In My Life
  • 2.Metamorphosis Funk
  • 3.Song To God
  • 4.Two Against The World