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Telever『Inside the Game』CD


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Telever『Inside the Game』CD

Format: CD

★With Obi
★"Us" Bonus Tracks for CD/Vinyl

Debut album by shoegaze / post-hardcore double-faced band Telever, who supported Slowdive! Here is a world-standard sound born out of the hot Thai scene

Inside the Game is the debut album by Telever, a shoegaze / post-hardcore band from the northern Thai city of Nakhon Sawan, who were recently selected as a support act for Slowdive.

Formed in 2018, Telever released their debut EP, Have A Good Health, and have since garnered attention for their unique mix of heavy, beautiful shoegaze sounds and powerful hardcore sounds, They have worked as a support act for overseas artists of various genres such as Fiddlehead, Turnover and Slowdive, and have gained a great deal of trust from music fans.

Their debut album 'Inside the Game', finally released five years after their formation, is a work that allows the listener to experience both heat and cold in the intersecting genres that Telever has been expressing. The album starts off with 'Whole', a perfect shoegaze track with a heavy guitar sound and vocals, Tae's vocals blending in with the sound, while the following track 'Today' quickly shifts the stage to the post-hardcore scene with its shoegaze guitar sound. The emotional shouts are shouted over a shoegaze guitar sound. These two tracks alone are already packed with Telever's self-introduction.

The third track, 'Ghost', not only takes the traditional shoegaze approach, but also directly conveys a guitar sound with the heat of the emo area, while the title track, 'Inside the Game', despite its heavy sound, echoes pop influences from 00s emo and punk. The eighth track 'Always' offers a slightly different angle on shoegaze with a strong dream pop flavour.

The album continues to sound fresh shoegaze from a global perspective until the final track 'Goodbye', and is a work that shows the future of Telever as a band that will be recognised worldwide, beyond Asia.

Telever / Whole(Official Music Video)

■Track list

  • 1. Whole
  • 2. Today
  • 3. Ghost
  • 4. Sabotage
  • 5. Inside the Game
  • 6. Once
  • 7. Always
  • 8. Wednesday (Feat. Flowers for Daryl)
  • 9. Goodbye
  • 10. Us(Bonus Track)

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