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ERNIE STORY『Meditation Blue』CD


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ERNIE STORY『Meditation Blue』CD

Format: CD
Price:2,400 yen + tax
Release Date:2023/04/05

★First CD release in the world
★First complete limited production
★Paper Jacket Specification

Finally reissued for the first time in the world!

The quality of the songs, including IMPRESSIONS, is also endorsed by the songs they have written for CURTIS MAYFIELD and CHI-LITES. The free soul of "DISCO CITY" is full of killer songs, from light guitar cuts to percussive beats and a euphoric upswing that gets the floor going at once!

Meditation Blue" was produced in Minneapolis in 1977 by Ernie Story, an SSW & producer who provided songs for The Impressions, The Chi-Lites, Curtis Mayfield, and many others. The simple jacket of this private pressing is very tasteful, but the high quality sound of this album has always been sought after! The album features the superb free soul "DISCO CITY" (M5) with its light cutting guitar and percussive groove, the instrumental number "The E Groove" (M7) with its refreshing acoustic piano and guitar, and the soulful vocal and groove "DISCO CITY" (M8) with its beautifully melodic guitar and percussive groove. The album is now finally being reissued and includes many gems such as "Chain Gang" (M4), a song with soulful vocals and a groovy band sound!

■Track list

  • 1. Meditation Blue
  • 2. Lost Without You
  • 3. Sinners Lament
  • 4. Chain Gang
  • 5. Disco City
  • 6. Dreamers Holiday
  • 7. The E Groove
  • 8. A Tribute To Lady Jane
  • 9. The Gospel In E. Minor

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