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original sound track『Galaxy Odyssey』CD


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original sound track『Galaxy Odyssey』

Format: CD
Price: ¥2,700
Release date:2021/02/24

Game music is a great art! From the "Game Music Disc Guide", which selects game music from a "musical" perspective, the second in the masterpiece reissue series with a high degree of perfection / rareness!

The original soundtrack of the game software "Ginga Densho" for the Family Computer Disk System released in 1986 has finally been reprinted with the latest remastering in 2021!

In addition to Tsukasa Masuko, who worked on the music for the main game, artists such as Makoto Kubota, Hiroshi Sato, Akira Nishihira, and Ginji Ito, who were leading the scene at that time, participated!

A supplementary reader containing novels and materials on a disc containing game data, a cassette tape containing audio dramas and theme songs related to the game content, and a game software that incorporates the media mix method in 1986. "Galaxy Tradition" published in November of the year. This original soundtrack, which was created by further upgrading the magnificent view of the world, is a musically high-quality work in which the authors are lined up with the brilliant artists who led the music scene at that time. !! The royal road 80's pops "Romantic Odyssey" (M2) by Hiromi Mori (lyrics) & Ginji Ito (arrangement), the ethnic disco groove "Legendary Song" (M3) by Masaru Kubota (arrangement), Guitar instrumental rock "Space Theme" (M4) by Junko Miyagi (composition and arrangement) who was also active in THE SQUARE (currently T-SQUARE), Hiroshi Sato (composition and arrangement), which has been re-evaluated in recent years. "FANTASY" (M6) is a guitar with the finest urban mellow remade and recorded in his album "Future File", and Akira Nishihira (composition and arrangement) who was also active in the back of Kenji Sawada, Kyosuke Himuro, and Koji Kikkawa. One piece that condenses the eccentric instrumental song "Cave Theme" (M7) that fascinates with synth bass and the brilliant 80's music scene! [2021 latest remastering]

■Track list

  • 1. 序曲
  • 2. ロマンティック・オデッセイ
  • 3. 伝説の唄
  • 4. 宇宙のテーマ
  • 5. リタに夢中
  • 6. FANTASY-Love Theme From「銀河伝承」
  • 7. 洞窟のテーマ
  • 9. 惑星のテーマ
  • 10. ロマンティック・オデッセイ-Reprise-