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Format: CD

From Indonesia, one of Asia's leading metal nations, comes the girl metal band "Voice of Bache Prot", who are taking the world by storm with their metal sound, strong message and hijab-wearing visuals. The band's first world release! The album also includes a bonus track, a cover of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'!

Indonesia is known as a metal powerhouse, with President Joko Widodo publicly declaring that he is a metal fan and large-scale concerts being held in the country. On the other hand, it is also known for its strict regulations, with punks being detained by the Islamic religious police. In 2014, Firda Marsya Kurnia (vocals, guitar), Widi Rahmat (guitar) and Widi Rahmat (vocals) formed the band in Singajaya, a small village on the outskirts of Garut, West Java, guitar), Widi Rahmawati (bass) and Euis Siti Aisyah (drums), three teenage girls formed the band, influenced by the likes of System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine and Metallica. The band initially played cover songs, but emerged with an original line-up. In 2018, the band made their official debut with the single 'School Revolution'. The girls made their official debut in 2018 with the single 'School Revolution', and in 2021 they had an interview with Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, and in 2022 they performed at the world's biggest metal festival, Germany's 'Wacken Open Air', and in 2023 they performed at the 'Wacken Open Air' festival. In 2023, they toured North America for the first time, steadily stepping up their path to world domination.

VOB's first full-length album "RETAS" is the culmination of their 10-year journey and a prelude to a new struggle. The girls' real-life message is pounded home over heavy riffs, bone-crunching grooves and earth-shattering rhythms. 'What's the Holy (Nobel) Today?' is an anti-war song calling for "STOP WAR!", while "PMS" refers to "Perempuan Merdeka Seutuhnya" (completely free women). The Enemy of Earth is You" takes the pessimistic view that "man is the enemy of the earth", while "(Not) Public Property" is a protest song against the sexual exploitation of women. The girls are sometimes seen as enemies by some local conservatives, but in 'God, Alas Me (Please) to Play Music' they say: "I'm not a criminal, I'm not an enemy, I just want to sing my heart out. I'm not a criminal or an enemy, I just want to sing my heart out. Such a sincere attitude undoubtedly makes their music more dynamic and more urgent.

Being an artist, a woman and above all a human being. The music of Voice of Bache Prot, which means "loud voice", is a loud declaration of identity to the world from three people who follow their own path with a strong will!

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God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music (Official Music Video)

PMS (Official Music Video)

[NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY (Official Music Video)

School Revolution (Official Music Video)

Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover) (at Trans Musicales de Rennes 2021)

Voice of Baceprot - Live at Wacken Open Air 2022


■Track list

  • 1. God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music
  • 2. PMS
  • 3. The Enemy of Earth is You
  • 4. Kawan
  • 5. What's The Holy (Nobel) Today
  • 7. School Revolution
  • 8. Age Oriented
  • 9. God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music - Live at HITC Jakarta 2022
  • 10. Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover - Live at Transmusicales de Rennes 2021)

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