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"ele-king vol.19" Tsutomu Noda + Itaru Mita (ed.)


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Special feature: 30 best albums of 2016
Music is the fortune-teller of the times!
So, what are the best albums of 2016?

In these crazy times = 2016,
He has albums that have received much praise such as ``Lemonade'' and ``untitled unmastered.''
There is a youthful and energetic techno piece "Sport",
There is ``Mirrors'' that pioneers hybrids.
There is a work called ``Hopelessness'' that became a hot topic based on this concept.
There is great malice = ``baby father'',
There is an ambitious concept work called ``The Ship''.
There is a dance that goes back and forth between ghetto and otaku = "Open Your Eyes".
There is a politically developed version of vaporwave called “Disruptive Muzak”.
And then there was an unexpected big album = ``Black Star''.

2016 was also a year in which music shined as if to defy a world in turmoil.
It seems to be true that the worse the situation, the more the music shines...
This is a special issue on the best albums of 2016.

table of contents

●Brian Eno, 25,000-word interview (Itaru Mita + Mariko Sakamoto)

[Feature 1] 30 Best Albums of 2016
●30 best albums of 2016 (Toshiki Kizu, Takuon Kobayashi, Hayato Takahashi, Tsutomu Noda, Itaru Mita, Shintaro Yonezawa)
●Column: US Hip Hop (Masashi Yoshida) / Club Music (Hayato Takahashi) / Experimental (Seitsugu Hosoda) / Electronic (Densinooto)
● Roundtable discussion: Adventures around 2016 (Toshiki Kizu, Takuon Kobayashi, Tsutomu Noda, Itaru Mita, Shintaro Yonezawa)
●Rough Trade NY 2016 (Yoko Sawai + George Flanagan)
●Best of 2016 selected by London's famous record store (Hayato Takahashi)
●What was the Japanese rap boom? (Ryo Isobe, Satoshi Izumi, Shin Futaki, Bundai Yamada)
● Best 10 movies (Takeshi Kizu, Maki Mizukoshi, Itaru Mita)

[Feature 2] What’s Going On?? What is happening now / What we can do
- Conversation: Yasushi Kurihara x Yoshiharu Shiraishi "Don't bring politics into mail order!"
●Emergency questionnaire (Rin Amamiya, Toshifumi Jinno, Taro Yamamoto, etc.)
●Column: Maki Mizukoshi "Many 'Correctness'"
● Interview: Ikuo Gonoi "Like Bob Dylan's 'The times are changing'"

●Tavito Nanao “Shoot Through the Times”
●Shintaro Sakamoto "There was nothing good about the world this year."
● Yahyel (Alien's Ambition)
● Detroit New Generation Dialogue: Kyle Hall x Jay Daniel

●Anarchism in the UK Gaiden 10th ``Political Collection Stick and Morrissey'' Brady Mikako
● Hatena Francais 6th "Christmas Murder" Yoko Yamada
● Wild Poetry Collection Vol. 4 "When Mother's Violence Changes Society ─ Movie 'Future wo Bouquet'" Maki Mizukoshi
● Music and Politics 8th "Hip-Hop Apolitical" Ryo Isobe

●Punk 40th Anniversary and British Rock Journalism (Mariko Sakamoto)
●How to deal with sexuality in women's manga in 2016 - Based on Akane Torikai (Takeshi Kizu x Takashi Mita)

Release date: 2016/12/27
Product number: ISBN-978-4907276720
List price: \1,500 + tax
Label: ele-king books
 *160 pages