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“The Spider Who Wants to Be” Written by Kazuko Shirai, Illustrated by Teruhiko Yumura


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The first reprint project is Shikazuko Shirai x Teruhiko Yumura A phantom picture book published in 1978!

Published 38 years ago, the picture book ``Narita Gariya no Kumo'' was created by modern poet Kazuko Shiraishi and painter and illustrator Teruhiko Yumura.
The main character's cloud drifting in the sky changes shape and transforms. The loose lines and coloring that make you feel relaxed are beautifully expressing the expression of the flowing clouds. Currently, we will completely reproduce a valuable picture book that does not appear on the market at all.

Shiraishi Shizuko (Author)
Yumura Teruhiko (painting)
A4 size modified high-quality product
32 pages
Release date: 2016/11/30