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“ele-king vol.18” Tsutomu Noda + Itaru Mita (ed.)


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[Table of contents] vol.18 contents
Special feature: What's happening in hip-hop right now?

010 interview KOHH, long interview Interview: Yamada Bundai
028 “What’s happening in hip-hop now?” Text: Ryo Isobe
032 talking PUNPEE×NORIKIYO+Japanese RAP masterpiece selected by two people
043 columns I want you to think about RHYMESTER once again Text: Keita Miyazaki
044 story Has rap taken root in Japan?Starting with Kawasaki/BAD HOP Text: Ryo Isobe
048 interview MONJU (Sensho, ISSUGI, Mr Pug), long interview Interview and text: Shin Niki
062 columns Why TwiGy now?About the publication of “16 Bars” Text: Bundai Yamada
064 interview WD sounds(Masatsugu Sawada a.k.a Lil MERCY)──Hardcore x Hip Hop
067 interview Fumitake Tamura (Bun)──Refined beat/Developed hearing
070 interview Arabee──From trap to street singing
072 interview YungGucchiMane──The great instrument of the future Interview: Yamada Bundai
074 interview Olive Oil──Continuing to dream of designing a southern paradise
078 story Korea RAP Text: Ryo Isobe
080 columns Text: Izumi Chi
081 talking Reiji Okamoto x Satoshi Izumi “Talking about KANDYTWON”
090 interview Moe and ghosts──New “rap phenomenon” Interview: Denshinooto
097 talking Shin Niki x UCD “The power of affirmation and looseness ──Japanese rap that we like”
106 interview tofubeats──Focus on flow and sound, it's not fun without invention
112 interview MARIA──KOHH talks from BAD HOP to high school rap
116 talking ECD×Maki Mizukoshi In other words, “I’m alive” ── ECD and poverty issues
126 30 Japanese RAPs after 3/11 Shin Niki + Keita Miyazaki + Satoshi Izumi
129 What's happening in US hip-hop right now? Text: Itaru Mita
138 30 photos to learn about US hip hop Selection and text: Itaru Mita
146 Anarchism in the UK Gaiden No. 9 We should go back further Mikako Brady
148 Random Diary Part 3 KOHH and Boris Vian ~There is this, there is this, and because there is that, there is this~ Maki Mizukoshi
150 Music and Politics No. 8 Ryo Isobe
152 Hatena Français No. 5 Cheers to the delivery man! Yoko Yamada
154 Hatsune Miku's Present, Past, and Future (Part 2) Wataru Sasaki
156 People & Me No. 9 Late Lolita Junko (Part 2) Jun Togawa

Release date: 2016/7/15