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“Dream Fragment” Keiichi Tanaami (author)


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For me, the world depicted here transcends good and evil, even suffering and fear, and is like a paradise after death. --Keiichi Tanaami

A feast of dazzling old and new collages made of layered "pieces of dreams" and new paintings drawn using a collage-like methodology!
A book that condenses the dizzyingly mysterious world of Keiichi Tanaami, created by unpublished collage works created around 1970 and fantastical large-scale paintings from the 2010s.
``Dream Fragment'' is the world's most popular piece of pop art, in which Tanaami's unique eroticism, cultivated through his childhood war experiences and youthful pop culture experiences, explodes beyond time and space!

A4 size paperback
96 pages
Release date: 2016/11/22