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"Fragrance of Kogiku~KEIICHI TANAAMI POP COLLAGES" Keiichi Tanaami (Author)


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Tanaami's collages, which are not only bright and humorous, but also have glimpses of madness and hide and seek, at the same time embody the ambiguity of pop in Japan. --Yuko Ikegami (contemporary art historian)

[*This will be produced in limited quantities for the first time. Quantities are limited, so we kindly ask for your understanding in case we run out of stock. ]

A large number of forbidden collage works that Japan's world-famous artist Keiichi Tanaami secretly created around 1970 with his full pop sensibility have been discovered! Keiichi Tanaami's "crazy gorgeous" collage, which surpasses Warhol and Lichtenstein and has reached the deep mystery of pop art, will be released for the first time miraculously after half a century! !
In addition, a large number of reprinted collages that have been newly recreated based on materials left over from the time of production are also included.
From pre-war movie magazines to 1960s American comic magazines and pornographic magazines, he cuts and pastes them together to crystallize his unique eroticism, creating works that will astound the world's art scene.

Author: Keiichi Tanaami
*Made on A4 size
*274 pages
Release date 2016/11/22