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Emi Horikoshi / Do girls really like pink?


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Do girls really like pink?

How is it possible that so many girls across the country love the color pink? A consideration of the history of <pink> and contemporary girls' culture, starting with a simple question as a mother of two daughters. From toys to anime, from domestic phenomena to overseas scenes.
For a society where girls and boys can freely accept themselves.

Eimi Horikoshi, the author of books such as “Geek Mom” and “Moeru Japanese Literature” (Gentosha) and “Geek Mom? Experiments, Crafts, and Adventure Ideas for 21st Century Moms and Families” (co-translation, O’Reilly Japan), watches the present day. girls' culture.

In Europe and the United States, there are many voices warning against such a pink offensive, and lively discussions are being exchanged. Based on the debate surrounding the "pink globalization" phenomenon, this book analyzes the changes in girls' values that are noticeable in anime works that have become social phenomena in recent years, various toys that are being explored mainly in Europe and the United States, and Girls covered in color explore the way to become independent adults.

Even though the world of content for girls seems to be full of pink, it seems that some lively ideas are starting to emerge that will break free from the confines of the world.

table of contents


Chapter 1 The history of pink and girls
Pink = Girls are from France / Glittering men / Gender distinction in children's clothing /
Banish the black and get the pink/America and pink in the fifties/
Pink as a war-weary color / Emergence of women's ribs / Pink in Japan

Chapter 2 Rebellion against Pink
Emergence of STEM toys for girls/Girls rebelling against pink/Pink Stinks/
Pink Globalization as a Political Issue/Gender and Toys/
What fashion dolls teach girls

Chapter 3: Fashion doll becoming a fashion doll
Reasons for poor sales of Barbie/〈Project MC2〉 and Geek Chic/
British-born STEM doll <Lottie>/Female action figure that is not too sexy/
The doll world is becoming more diverse/Even boys want to play with Barbie!/Girls can compete too if they have the skills

Chapter 4: Pink-collar trap: Reasons why Japanese women's social advancement is delayed
Gap between “feminine occupation” and reality/Pink collar trap/
Why do girls turn to pink? / Japan is not improving / Pink is the color of motherhood and dedication /
“Princess” is not a “career”/What can be done to protect “Princess Kaguya”

Chapter 5 Cool pink and lame pink, or “us” and “me”
Feeling of rejection towards pink/Lazy pink phenomenon/First person “Uchi” as subject/
Harm of sexual objectification on girls/Ikepink as a subject

Chapter 6 Pink for Boys
Boys who like pink/“Cute” and boys/Oppression of boys/
Middle-aged men are also entering the world of ``cuteness''/The era opened up by ``Yo-kai Watch'' and ``Frozen''/
new disney princess


Release date: 2016/2/26