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ele-king vol.31 Special Feature: The Return of Cornelius" ele-king editorial department (ed.)


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ele-king vol.31 Special Feature: The Return of Cornelius" ele-king editorial department (ed.)

Price: 1,500 yen + tax
Release date: July 5, 2023

Special Feature: The Return of Cornelius
Long Interview / Consideration of the new work "Dream In Dream"
Yoshinori Sunahara

Special Feature: Japan's Buried Gems
Koshiro Hino / downt / Peterparker69 / SUGAI KEN
17 People's Choice of Treasured Pieces

Interview with Keigo Oyamada
The Return of Cornelius - What lies at the heart of his new work "Dream In Dream" released after the turmoil? (Interview by Natsune Kitazawa + Tsutomu Noda / Photos by Yuichiro Noda)

A very honest piece, I feel (Yuko Okubo).
This is not the story of Cornelius, but of my own encounter with his new album (Ian F. Martin / translated by Rie Eguchi)
The "Dream In Dream" that I see at the relay point from "new life style" to real life, which I can't seem to wake up from (Maki Mizukoshi)

Ambient/New Age Soundscapes Spreading from Cornelius (Takuon Kobayashi)
Transgression and its limits in musical expression, or a note to the future that is neither "edgy" nor "cool" for those who still dream of punk (Tsutomu Noda)

Interview with Yoshinori Sunahara
Interview with Yoshinori Sunahara on the completion of TESTSET's album (Interview: Tsutomu Noda / Photos: Yasuhiro Obara)

Special Feature: Japan's Buried Gems

Interview with Koshiro Hino
The greatest experimentalist born in Japan in the 10's (Interview: Takune Kobayashi / Photographs: Yasuhiro Obara)
Koshiro Hino selected discography (Editorial department + Kota Takenaka)
downt Interview
What the three-piece band, which is creating a new style, is aiming for (Interview: Ryutaro Amano / Photo: Yasuhiro Obara)
Peterparker69 Interview
A new generation pop unit turning the tide (Interview: Tsuya-chan / Photo: Yasuhiro Obara)
SUGAI KEN Interview
A producer in Kanagawa who is highly regarded around the world (Interview: Takune Kobayashi / Photo: Yasuhiro Obara)
SUGAI KEN selected discography (Editorial department)

17 People's Choice for the Best Kept Secret
(Emi Aoki, Yuko Asanuma, Ryutaro Amano, Hiroko Otsuka, Maiko Okabe, KLEPTOMANIAC, Mamoru Goto, Yuji Shibasaki, Moriya Shimazaki, Hayato Takahashi, Tsuya-chan, Denshinoto, Tsutomu Noda, Momo Nonaka, Masaaki Hara, Seiji Hosoda, yukinoise)


Because that's where the record is.
The 1st J.T. (Satoo Mizutani & Mao Yamazaki)

These guys are totally into AI! (Matthew Chozik, Maki Mizukoshi, Tsutomu Noda)