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“A Century of Bicycles and Women” by Hana Ross (author) Mariko Sakamoto (translator)


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“A Century of Bicycles and Women” by Hana Ross (author) Mariko Sakamoto (translator)

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Release date: 2023/01/20

It's a wonderful book ── "Guardian"
Enchanting... full of moving stories --- "Observer"

This is a bicycle book,
It is a history that has never been told before,
A book of political resistance and deadly adventure,
everyone will be encouraged
Stories of amazing women who pedaled

Famous books selected as "Guardian'' Book of the Year 2020

Simone de Beauvoir borrowed her boyfriend's bicycle to cycle around Paris in the 1940s, and instantly fell in love with the freedom (even though she lost a tooth in an accident).
Alice Hawkins, a factory worker from Leicester, pedaled her way to fight for the right to vote, and the bicycle became a cornerstone of bringing women into the movement.
Zahra rides a bicycle, challenges Afghanistan's religious and cultural taboos, and teaches others to do the same.
Annie Kopczowski, a 24-year-old Latvian immigrant living in Boston, became the first woman to circumnavigate the world on her bicycle in 1894.

Many women were told they couldn't or shouldn't ride a bike, but they rode anyway.
Whether it's winning medals or encouraging women to vote, their stories will inspire you.
In this colorful celebration, the author tells the incredible stories of the women who are part of cycling's rich and diverse history.


table of contents

Preface: Little Queen

Part 1 Revolution
1. Passionate about bicycles
2 Unruly Bicycle Women
3 Don't go out dressed like that
4 Transmission - Conveying wisdom

Part 2: Resistance and rebellion
5. Fight for the right to ride a bicycle
6 Women, rise up!

Part 3: Towards the open road
7 Great Escape
8 How far can you go?
9 Travel around the world

Part 4 Track, Road, Mountain ─ Queens of various races
10 Competition is life
11 Feminine cycling
12.Are you finally able to see us?

Afterword: Keep pedaling