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ele-king editorial department (ed.) "All about Sam Raimi: Trajectory to 'Doctor Strange/Multiverse of Madness'"


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ele-king editorial department (ed.) "All about Sam Raimi: Trajectory to 'Doctor Strange/Multiverse of Madness'"

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Release date: 2022/05/11

The first book in Japan that tells you everything about Sam Raimi, the director of the latest Marvel movie "Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness"!

With "The Evil Dead,'' he suddenly became a cult director representing 1980s horror. Sam Raimi is a master craftsman who has continued to hook up young horror writers as a producer even though he has achieved success with films such as the Spider-Man trilogy.

In 2022, the first new Marvel movie in nine years, "Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness,'' will be announced. The first book in Japan that approaches the whole picture of Raimi!


Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness
Interview Director Sam Raimi interview
Discussion: Who is Sam Raimi? (Kiichiro Yanagishita, Yoshiki Takahashi, Hawk Terasawa)

Ideas and the power to realize them: How Sam Raimi became a film director (Yoshiki Takahashi)

Illustration essay “The Evil Dead” series (Miyako Kojima)

Cross Review "The Evil Dead"
The legendary debut work that triggered the 80's splatter boom (Miwa Ito)
The Guts of <Splatter Capitalism> ─ Limb amputation is a message (Mamoru Goto)
Honorable mention of unfortunate slapstick comedy ── "XYZ Murders" (Zaiomi Morimoto)
A game of resurrection ─ ``Dead Spirit's Guts II'' (Keiji Yamazaki)
Living in the Darkness ── "Darkman" (Kiichiro Yanagishita)
What lurks in the depths of Raimi: A crystal of visual pleasure “Evil Dead III: Captain Supermarket” (Hiroshnikov)
The forerunner of 'Macaroni Western by Americans' -- 'Quick & Dead' (Machizo Hasegawa)
White Film Noir ── "Simple Plan" (Yaeko Mao)
Dance with Kevin Costner ── "Love of the Game" (Takeshi Kizu)
A story of loss and rebirth ── "Gift" (Mitsuki Kodama)
"Real" and "Camp" in Marvel Movies --- "Spider-Man" (Terasawa Hawk)
One of the achievements of Raimi movies and American comic movies ─ ``Spider-Man 2'' (Aiomi Morimoto)
The third work in which the fantasy lost to reality ─ ``Spider-Man 3'' (Shunsuke Nakazawa)
Despair highlighted by a contemporary horror film ─ ``Spell'' (Yoshiki Takahashi)
<Emerald Theosophy>---The relationship between Theosophy, shop windows, and "Oz"--- "The Battle of Oz's Beginning" (Mamoru Goto)
Ash is back after 30 years! ── "Dead Spirit's Guts: His Returns" (Aomi Morimoto)

Interview Takashi Shimizu

Ghost House Pictures (Keiji Yamazaki)
The invention of “The Evil Dead” (Hiroshnikov)
Manga nature of Raimi movies (Terasawa Hawk)
American comic book adaptation of the Sam Raimi movie ~Ash's Bizarre Adventure~ (Shunsuke Nakazawa)

People around Raimi
Bruce Campbell (Hasegawa Town Brewery) / Scott Spiegel (Hiroshnikov) / Coen Brothers (Hasegawa Town Brewery) / Danny Elfman (Hasegawa Town Brewery) / Ted & Ivan (Morimoto Reign)

After Raimi ~ Filmmakers after Raimi (Keiji Yamazaki/Hiroshnikov)

Raimi related works list