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Katsuaki Komiya (ed.)『Drum-On Volume 2』


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Katsuaki Komiya (ed.)『Drum-On Volume 2』

Price: ¥ 2,000 + tax
Release date.:2022/04/27

Authentic drum media, powered up, long-awaited second issue!

The second edition of Drum-On, the highly successful magazine for serious drummers and percussionists of the new era that excites and motivates drummers and percussionists!

Once again, we will bring you the full range of information that percussionists of all kinds really want.

Edited by Katsuaki Komiya
Became interested in music after listening to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, and started playing drums. After graduating from university, he studied under Hiro Tsunoda and learnt his own groove theory. Drummer/percussionist with a unique career as former editor-in-chief of Rhythm & Drum Magazine (January 2001 - March 2012). He uses not only drum sets but also folk percussion instruments such as the djembe, and is active in a variety of fields, from improvised jazz to rock to singing. In parallel, he also edits and writes.

Special feature ●The tone of drums
A huge feature with interviews and photos of actual use of their favourite instruments that get to the heart of the superb tones of the greatest players of our time - Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Akira Sotoyama, Yoichi Okabe, Ash Thorn and more!
Special contribution by Koji Miura: 'After the Sound - My Experiential Tone Thoughts'.

All about "one strike".
The 'beginning' and 'ultimate' of drumming.
The starting point for everything, from "moving fast" to "striking accurately even at super-slow tempos", the "single strike", is explored in depth!
(Yoshinari Somegawa [Drum Gym])

For drummers who care about "tone".
Ludwig Speed King Pedal
The greatest instrument of all time - exploring the fascination of the latest L203!
(Masataka Fujikake)

Nippon's drum master: Naoki Ito / riddim

'The drummer and the worker'.
Hiroo Ueki (Drums Proshop GATEWAY), Takao Uehara (MIKI DRUM CENTRE).