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"ele-king vol.28" ele-king editorial department (ed.)


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"ele-king vol.28" ele-king editorial department (ed.)

price: 1,500 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/12/28


Special Feature: Reset the Future

Including interviews with bands and artists that give you a sense of the future.
While taking into account the situation of the music scene in London, Berlin, New York, etc.
Reconsidering the “present” and “future”──

black midi
lorraine james
black country, new road

Best Album of 2021
Personal charts and genre-specific bests by a total of 32 artists and writers

What was the most shining work in 2021 when a lot of good music was born?


table of contents

Special Feature: Reset the Future

Black Midi (Ian F. Martin)
Lorraine James (Tsutomu Noda)
Black Country, New Road (Takeshi Kizu)
Squid (Takune Kobayashi)

Music that makes you feel the future
(Hayato Takahashi, Mitsuru Ogawa, Shino Okamura, Itaru Mita, Itaru Ohmae, Tsutomu Noda)

●Column & Report
Resetting the future of indies (Ian F. Martin)
The lies of self-help, mutual aid, and public assistance: Words saved by Tabito Nanao's food rescue (Maki Mizukoshi)
Comparing the UK and Japanese music scenes since the pandemic (Ray Hearn)
The pandemic and its future in the UK, Europe, and Japan as seen from a DJ (CHANGSIE)
New York is regaining its vitality as it adapts to the new normal (Yoko Sawai)
Berlin ─ Infected people are increasing again despite strict management system (Yuko Asanuma)

Fishman's Revival was a huge success (Akiko Ueda)

30 best albums of 2021
15 best reissues of 2021

2021 best 10 by genre
Electronic dance (yukinoise + Hayato Takahashi)
Techno (Yoshiharu Sato)
Indie rock (Ryutaro Amano)
House (Masahiro Watanabe)
Jazz (Hiroko Otsuka/Mitsuru Ogawa)
US Hip Hop (Itaru Omae)
Japanese rap (Keita Miyazaki)
Ambient (Itaru Mita)
Dove (Yusuke Kawamura)

My top 10 favorites of 2021
──Individual charts by 31 artists/DJs/writers and others

Yuko Asanuma, Ryutaro Amano, valknee, Hiroko Otsuka, Itaru Omae, Shino Okamura, Mitsuru Ogawa, Yoro Oyamada, Yusuke Kawamura, Tsuyoshi Kizu, Mariko Sakamoto, Satomimagae, Yuji Shibasaki, Hayato Takahashi, Denshinooto, The Bug, James Hadfield , Shin Niki, Seitsugu Hosoda, Mars89, Ian F. Martin, Masato Matsumura, Takashi Mita, Keita Miyazaki, moe (Minyo Crusaders), Yukinoise, Shintaro Yonezawa, Maika Loubté, Lena aka galcid, Takuma Watanabe, Masahiro Watanabe

Round-table discussion to look back on 2021
(Matthew Chozick + Maki Mizukoshi + Tsutomu Noda)