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“90s Disc Guide – Japanese Music Edition” Masato Matsumura + Tsutomu Noda (supervision)


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“90s Disc Guide – Japanese Music Edition” Masato Matsumura + Tsutomu Noda (supervision)

Base price: 2,400 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/06/04
“hally” Haruhisa Tanaka (Supervisor)


Rediscovering “Japanese things” from the 90s!

Introducing 650 albums including masterpieces, hidden gems, important records, and rare records.

Shibuya-kei, acid jazz, house. Techno, hip hop, reggae, alternative, J-pop, experimental...

CDs and records from an era when youth culture was synonymous with music culture.

Supervision: Masato Matsumura + Tsutomu Noda
Author: Itaru Ohmae, Mitsuru Ogawa, Yusuke Kawamura, Hidezumi Yoshimoto, Taro Yoda, Katsumi Watanabe, Satoshi Kajimoto, Hiroshi Takeda, Shotaro Matsumoto, Alex From Tokyo
Cover art: SK8THING


■Chapter 1 DJ Culture
・from Downtempo to Leftfield
 Downtempo, the left field of DJ culture
・Club Jazz
"Jazz" as dance music
From acid jazz to crossover
・Crue-L Records
Cruel Records
An independent label that embodies the 90's
・Japanese Rap / Hip Hop
Japanese rap, hip hop
90's Japanese House
90's techno and its surroundings
・Roots Dub, Ska, Rocksteady
 Roots, dub, ska, rocksteady, reggae and surroundings

■Chapter 2 Alternative
・Boredoms and more
 The alternative ignition point, Boredoms and its surroundings
・Alternative, Indie
Shibuya-kei, guitar pop, indie & alternative
・Lounge, Mood, Mond and Avant Pop
 Lounge, Mood, Mondo Music and Avant Pop
・Avant Alternative
 Psychedelic, heavy rock, hardcore, noise, experimental
・Sokkyo & Onkkyo, Others
 Improvisation, sound, big band, folk music, 97

■Chapter 3 J-Pop
・Female Singers
Diva - female singer
Big hit, idol, producer
・J Rock, Pop, Funk and more
 J Rock & Pop

90's Music & Culture History Chronology
90's music culture history chart starting from Heisei

Author biography