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“Indie Game Masterpiece Selection” Haruhisa “Hally” Tanaka (Supervisor)


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“Indie Game Masterpiece Selection” Haruhisa “Hally” Tanaka (Supervisor)

Body price: 1,680 yen + tax
Release date: 2021/04/14

A5 size, 176 pages


There is a world that has yet to be seen.

First ever! The definitive guidebook for indie games
Carefully selected 250 masterpiece titles that you must play


"Untitled Goose Game ~The mischievous goose has arrived!~", "Firewatch", "Among Us", "Getting Over It", "Doki Doki Literature Club!", "Undertale", "Hotline Miami", "Minecraft", "Super Meat Boy", "Touhou Project" ”...

From action, shooting, adventure, RPG, strategy, puzzles, and more, we will introduce 250 titles that are “not to be missed” from among the many notable works. Illustrated book!!

Writing team:
Haruhisa “Hally” Tanaka, Susumu Imai, Yoshiki Chiba, Masaaki Tokuoka, Hikaru Nomura, Yoshiyuki Furushima, Nashi, Tsuyoshi Kizu

Cover illustration: Masahide Oki

table of contents

S1 3D Action 3D Action
S2 3D Shooter 3D shooting
S3 2D Action 2D Action
S4 2D Shooter 2D Shooting
COLUMN 1 Introduction to indie games:
Are you a smartphone person? Game console fan? Or are you a PC person? (Haruhisa “Hally” Tanaka)
S5 Adventure Adventure
S6 Adventure (walking simulator) Adventure (walking simulator)
COLUMN 2 One indie game changed society:
Case of Poland (Masahata Tokuoka)
S7 Adventure (point and click) Adventure (point and click)
S8 Puzzle Puzzle
S9 Role-playing Role-playing
COLUMN 3 Indie Freedom:
Regarding the depiction of sexual minorities in games (Takeshi Kizu)
COLUMN 4 What exactly is an indie game?
Looking back at its history (1) (Susumu Imai)
S10 Strategy
S11 Others
COLUMN 5 What exactly is an indie game?
Looking back at its history (2) (Susumu Imai)