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Separate volume ele-king “Listening to music at home now ─ Choosing a record in the corona era”


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Separate volume ele-king “Listening to music at home now ─ Choosing a record in the corona era”

Price: ¥1,700 + tax
Release date: 2020/7/22

what were you listening to then

Keigo Oyamada/Tomoo Gokita/EYヨ
Jim O'Rourke / Derrick May
Shinya Matsuyama/Haruko Mizukami/Tomoyuki Hoshino
Tomoko Takahashi/Kazuhiko Masumura/Hiroko Otsuka
Chee Shimizu/Mars89
Miho Nagaya/Itaru Ohmae/Hayato Takahashi
Itaru Mita/Mamoru Goto/Genichi Sugita
Masato Matsumura / Tsutomu Noda



  • Tsutomu Noda / In place of the preface: Experiencing music when trends disappear from the world
  • EYヨ interview (Masato Matsumura)
  • Keigo Oyamada Interview (Tsutomu Noda)
  • Shinya Matsuyama / Saudade of Life
  • Haruko Mizukami / Listening to Neil Young at midnight
  • Tomoyuki Hoshino / Whistle live on the balcony
  • Itaru Mita / Splashing again tonight
  • Kazuhiko Masumura / In search of home listening psychedelia
  • Hiroko Otsuka / Effective against hunger
  • Chee Shimizu / My relationship with the world, music, and myself
  • Mars89 / Soundtrack Journey
  • Miho Nagaya / A sound that fills the closed monster city
  • Itaru Omae / Looking at the present while tracing back memories
  • Hayato Takahashi / Lockdown Diary
  • Tomoko Takahashi / Music to close the ears
  • Derrick May's interview (Tsutomu Noda)
  • Tomoo Gokita Interview (Masato Matsumura)
  • Mamoru Goto / First of all, what is “home”?
  • Genichi Sugita / A 120-hour trip in 2020
  • Masato Matsumura / Inscription and Manifestation
  • 10 of Jim O'Rourke

Cover photo: fuji kayo