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ele-king special issue “Japan as seen from Taro Yamamoto”


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Now is the time to question politics

Isn't the problem he raised even more serious now?

Japanese Politics, Economy, Society, and Culture You Should Know in 2020

Taro Yamamoto
Tatsuki Uchida
Kenji Utsunomiya
Tadashi Matsuo
Shinji Miyadai
Isoko Mochizuki
Teruko Watanabe

table of contents


Taro Yamamoto
Where did politician Taro Yamamoto come from and where is he headed?

Tatsuki Uchida
"Everyone says the right thing, but there's no smile." I wish there were more playful people.
Kenji Utsunomiya
How to realize "people-friendly politics"?
Shinji Miyadai
"It's not that society is boring, it's that you're boring!"
Isoko Mochizuki
If each reporter speaks out, their voices will someday create a chain that will lead to "social change."
Tadashi Matsuo
 Economics to arrive at "There is value just by being alive"
Teruko Watanabe
Life is too long to give up and live. But if you don't give up and think you have to do something, the time in life is limited.


Kohei Saito
Is Taro Yamamoto a populist?
Takashima Suzu
TikTok-like, too TikTok-like ─ ``Young people's political apathy''
Yoshiharu Shiraishi
For Taro Yamamoto and the resumption of "intelligence"
Ya Matsumoto
The best resistance to a money-only capitalist society is to live the old-fashioned way of life of the common people.
"We may be the mice that Banksy drew." It may be an existence that is ignored in society. Visualize it.
Shuya Okino
After March 11, Japan has been unable to face reality. The reason why Taro Yamamoto is hated is probably because he speaks the truth.
Matthew Chozick
Please, Japan should not imitate America. If we proceed in the American way, Japan will also be in trouble.  

Cover photo: Ran Iwasawa