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Separate volume ele-king "Jagatara - you dance your dance"


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Separate volume ele-king "Jagatara - you dance your dance"

Price: ¥1,800 + tax
Release date: January 29, 2020
ele-king editorial department (ed.)

Jagatara is a legendary band that ran through Japan during the bubble period of the 1980s.

Sharpened Afro-funk punk musicality that never gets old
The words that continue to criticize the system while inspiring the audience are still real.

In 2020, Jagatara will release a new song, breaking the silence of 30 years after Edo Akemi's death.
"Jagatara special issue" to look back now and move forward!

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  • interview
  • Minami Ruseki ──Jagatara has never stopped in me
  • EBBY ──Because I think the “genuine Jagatara” is after 1986.
  • OTO ──Various jaguatarers are needed in "Nan's Little World"
  • Nakamura Teyuu ──I was always thinking about how to create a groove feeling.
  • Yagisuo ──I think all of Akemi's lyrics were romantic.
  • Kazufumi Kodama ──"I've said this many times, haven't I?"
  • Souri Ohira ──Akemi said that Jagatara is a movement body
  • Edo Akemi interview
  • Summer 1983 by Yuichi Jibiki
  • January 1989 (unpublished) by Yuichi Jibiki
  • Spring 1989 by Tsuhiro Ekai
    • column
    • Call from Edo Akemi (Shinichi Takahashi)
    • Great cleaning for 2020 AD (Ayumu Shida)
    • Thinking about the beginning of the “era of rap” from “Breaking Armageddon” (Nobu Futatsugi)
    • Dear Mr. Edo Akemi (Toshifumi Jinno)
    • The Absent Church and the Ecology of Disgrace (Tsuhiro Ekai)
    • JAGATARA and the 1980s (Ryo Isobe)
    • After that (Hideo Furukawa)
    • Dancing in the nowhere night (Takashima Suzu)
    • Saxophone that calls a friend Masami Shinoda (Gen Hirai)
    • Contact with the underground (Masato Matsumura)
    • The meaning of Jagatara in Japanese pop history (Tsutomu Noda)
    • Jagatara and Nursing Care (Kodamata Takehiro)
  • Living Music and Words (Yasushi Kurihara × Shin Futaki)
  • Norihiro Kato “Jagatara” (reprint)
  • Dsics and Books 1981 - 2020
  • Jagatara chronology

Photo: Kenji Matsubara