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Anna Osada “Beauty is a muscle training for self-esteem”


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Anna Osada “Beauty is a muscle training for self-esteem”

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Release date: 2019/06/19

*46 size 144 pages

Goodbye, self-deprecation: 10 mental exercises to relieve “curse words”

I have created a beauty book that doesn't mention whether you want to be popular, rejuvenate, or be beautiful, and only contains a small amount of cosmetics.
--A message from a “rebellious beauty writer” to the era when “everyone is different and everyone is beautiful”!


【table of contents】
Ten self-esteem exercises

Chapter 1 My troubles are born
All are beautiful fundamentalists. There is no such thing as "ugly" in this world.
If it's 90% what it looks like, we don't need the police.
If you don't have confidence, why not be attached to it?
Beauty is the practice of treating yourself kindly
Makeup is a signboard, skincare is an interior design
Limit your efforts to the point where it feels good
Choose cosmetics like you would choose ingredients
Complexity is the seed of individuality and the flag of style.
Stretching the aesthetic eye for a gentler look
Kin-san from Toyama and Komon Mito: Aesthetics that are not always perfect
A true story of beauty that can't be captured in a photo

Chapter 2 Heaven did not create me above that child, and did not create that child above me
Where did that “me” come from?
Self-torture is a double-edged sword that hurts both yourself and others
A face you don't want to exchange with a class 1 beauty
Jealousy is an opportunity. Use it as a mirror to polish yourself
SNS is a wall-beating to not care about the public eye
Don't underestimate it as a mass-produced model. Fuwa Raido is a talent
"I want to be popular is close to wanting to live", but...
Don't be swayed by a mote without evidence
A fumi-e called "Konkatsu Conservative" clean and easy to enjoy
I love you to death, but don't give up on your self-respect

Chapter 3 Who exactly is that world?
Fly away! "If everyone floats, it's not scary
Mother and wife, so?  Graduation from the role stamp rally
Mama = Don't decide that it's time-saving
Minimal beauty for busy people
“Always in a good mood” and “positive supremacy” cover
The day I want to disappear, the familiar train of thought
cool! The feeling of

Chapter 4 I take time
In a country where the average age is 45.9 years old, it will be clogged if you are ashamed of your age
I'm worried about the "women who can't get off the Spaceship Bijin"
Can a woman be thrown away? "Romance = active business"
Looking for an aging role model

in conclusion

[Author biography]
Anna Nagata
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1977. She is a writer. After graduating from the Department of Law at Chuo University's Faculty of Law, she worked in sales at an internet company before becoming a contract editor for a weekly magazine. After becoming a freelancer, she has written mainly about beauty for women's magazines and on the Web, as well as interviews and articles on foreign celebrities. She presides over "Kacho Fugetsu lab".