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ele-king special issue “Yellow Vest Movement: Ordinary people standing up against elite domination”


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ele-king special issue “Yellow Vest Movement: Ordinary people standing up against elite domination”

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Release date: 2019/03/22
ele-king editorial department (ed.)

A miraculous movement created by an “uncle/aunt” living in a rural area
Fighting back against the establishment
It also tells us what the problem is right now.
Get to the bottom of the most important social movement of this century!

Interview: Shigeki Hori, Tadashi Matsuo, Koichiro Kokubun

The class struggle of the 21st century has begun—
The distortions of global capitalism embodied in the Trump administration and Brexit,
Japan is not immune to widening inequality, and we will unravel the reality.



  • Shigeki Hori

Wear your yellow vest and meet us at Ron Point! --What the "voiceless masses" left behind under the neoliberal economy wanted

  • Tadashi Matsuo

“Populism” is no longer an insult! Recovering the sovereignty stolen by the establishment ─ "Yellow Vests'' as an anti-austerity movement

  • Kouichiro Kokubun

We must protect the basics of democracy, that everyone governs everyone, at all costs - What the Yellow Vests can teach us in Japan



  • The violence of the demonstrations and President Macron's subsequent response (Yoko Yamada)
  • Voices from the “periphery”: From the disappearance of the French left to the “yellow vests” (Jun Sunose)
  • The fate of the yellow vest movement: ``revolutionary'' tectonic shifts in French society (Colin Kobayashi)
  • LE MONDE diplomatique
  • From "Le Monde Diplomatique"
  • [Explanation]
  • Get angry! Get angry!  come on! ──The time has come for the uprising! (Osamu Tsuchida)
  • [Yellow vest feature]
  • Why now? (Roland Bonelli/translated by Osamu Tsuchida)
  • The French Uprising: When Everything Comes to the surface (Serge Alimi/translated by Osamu Tsuchida)
  • Now we have so many friends - those who blockade Ron Point (Pierre Suchon/translated by Satoko Kawabata)
  • The hidden power of female workers: Dreams of a “Second Popular Front” (Pierre Lambert/translated by Yoshifuru Murakami)
  • [Archive article]
  • Commoner class and tax injustice: The root of anger against taxes (Alexis Spiel/translated by Yuichi Ikuno)
  • Re-examining labor laws from the ground up - for true "reform" worthy of the name (Alain Supio/translated by Kyohei Muramatsu)
  • Transformation of the common class: Europe and France seen through statistics (translated by Cédric Hugler/Etienne Penissa/Alexis Spiel/Masato Fukuda)
  • Nuit Duve: France's new democratic practice (Léa Ducret/Kyohei Muramatsu translation)



  • In this society that is too polite to its rulers (Takeda Satetsu)
  • Do 'violent rednecks' really exist? (Toshifumi Jinno)
  • How did major British media report on GJ just before leaving the EU? (Mariko Sakamoto)
  • “Riots” and the end of neoliberal globalism: the rise of exclusivist far-right forces or new communism? (Yoshitaka Mouri)
  • Rising Country/Urgent Debate Where is the French 'yellow vest' movement headed? (Gen Hirai/Tetsu Ukai x Serge Kadryupani)
  • Yellow vests are easy -- what is being questioned is not capitalism but the state (Yasu Kurihara x Kaji Shiraishi)

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