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Bessatsu ele-king “Kamashi Washington/UK Jazz Counterattack”


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Bessatsu ele-king “Kamashi Washington/UK Jazz Counterattack”

Price: ¥1,700 + tax
Release date: 2018/5/30
Masato Matsumura + Tsutomu Noda (eds.)

Kamasi Washington from the US and Shabaka Hutchings from the UK. The actors are ready. A new generation is renewing JAZZ, incorporating Afro, Caribbean, hip-hop, and R&B!

It's as if it's good not to be called jazz, and it's expanding at a tremendous pace outside common sense, authority, and tradition. In the storied history of British jazz, they are expanding the world by defying expectations - welcome to 21st century UK jazz! We will focus on the hottest South London scene right now!

  • ■long interview
    Kamasi Washington: Earth and Paradise, Spiritual Jazz Mandala
  • ■Special Feature: UK Jazz Strikes Back
    ・UK jazz history: How did it take root and develop?
    ・UK Jazz Network Map
    ・21st Century UK Jazz Disc Guide 80 discs
    Shabaka Hutchings – The Black Atlantic Voyage
    Zara McFarlane ── contemporary UK-style jazz singer, the meaning of singing reggae
    Kamal Williams ── A jazz-funk story from Peckham, South London
     Joe Armon Johns ── Promising pianist, his youthful mixture and harmony
    Tomorrow's Warriors - An important base of UK jazz
    Tony Allen and jazz that is not jazz
    Sun Ra in the UK
    Concentric circles of jazz rock
    New generation soul - singers after King Krule
    The starting point of broken beats
    Relationship between Detroit and UK Jazz
    From grime to house to jazz
    Evan Parker as an electronic musician
  • ■Special feature: Changing New York, the freedom of jazz
    ・NY Jazz Network Map
    ・NY Jazz Keywords (from Anthony Blackstone to William Parker)
    ・NY Jazz Disc Guide 30 pieces
    ・Conversation: Masanori Tada x Hiroyuki Mashiko