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“Ultra-Protest Music Guide” Stefan Jerukun (ed.)


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for my life
Music with political impact
An annotated playlist to consider! !

Japanese version contributor
Hiroshi Egaitsu, Takeshi Kizu, Yasushi Kurihara, Shigeru Kuwahara, Mariko Sakamoto,
Mikako Brady, Masato Matsumura, Itaru Mita, Yosuke Yukimatsu

I thought it was the "political" aspects of music that were so often sidelined by the prevailing power of commercial mechanisms and "popularity." Music can perhaps be most persuasive when it embodies or aligns with our political aspirations for freedom and social justice. (From the preface)


About this book

Music and Agitation: A Fuzzy Category, and That's Good

Agit Disco 1 DJ Kraut Pleaser (DJ / Projectionist)
Agit Disco 2 Johnny Spencer (Artist)
Agit Disco 3 Tom Vague (Presidency of Vague Magazine)
Agit Disco 4 Martin Dixon (photographer)
Agit Disco 5 Peter Hayning (Art Studies)
Agit Disco 6 Stewart Holm (Artist / Writer)
Agit Disco 7 Tom Jennings (Writer)
Agit Disco 8 Howard Slater (Writer / Social Worker Trainee)
Agit Disco 9 Mel Croucher (Designer / Writer)
Agit Disco 10 Simon Ford (writer/artist)
Agit Disco 11 Room 13 Rockyside (Elementary school students at the art center school)
Agit Disco 12 Shaan Adikot (Photographer)
Agit Disco 13 Peter Conlin (Artist/Writer)
Agit Disco 14 Louise Carolyn (lesbian magazine editor)
Agit Disco 15 Andy T (DJ)
Agit Disco 16 Sarah Falloon (accessory maker based in Belfast)
Agit Disco 17 Micheline Mason (activist)
Agit Disco 18 Roger McKinley (Artist/Writer)
Agit Disco 19 Stefan Jerukun (Founder of Agit Disco)
Agit Disco 20 Neil Transpontine (Music Writer)
Agit Disco 21 Luca Perch (Poet)
Agit Disco 22 John Edun (music writer)
Agit Disco 23 Tracy Moberly (Artist/Writer/Radio Show Host)

Selector introduction
Contribution to “Ajit Disco” Japanese Edition

Japanese Edition Bonus Playlists

Agit Disco 24 Hiroshi Egaitsu
Agit Disco 25 Takeshi Kizu
Agit Disco 26 Yasushi Kurihara
Agit Disco 27 Shigeru Kuwabara
Agit Disco 28 Mariko Sakamoto
Agit Disco 29 Sindostra Love + Takaya Suzuki
Agit Disco 30 Mikako Brady
Agit Disco 31 Masato Matsumura
Agit Disco 32 Itaru Mita
Agit Disco 33 Yosuke Yukumatsu

Japanese version selector introduction

Translator's postscript

Stephan Jerkun (ed.) 
Takaya Suzuki + Sindostra Love (translator)