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“ele-king vol.21” Tsutomu Noda, Itaru Mita (eds.)


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Special feature 1: 30 best albums of 2017!
Special feature 2: Two long interviews with DYGL and Wednesday Campanella!

What trends were there in music in 2017?  
What was interesting and what was boring?  
Did Shibuya-kei make a comeback?  
Did New York post-punk spread to Japan?  
Ambient and New Age. Is Blouson Chiemi a woman's ally?  
Is the bubble really making a comeback?  
What does Zama's murder mean?  
Has indie rock become Instagram?  
The reason why DYGL is the most energetic indie band right now and the reason we expect Wednesday Campanella.
Blade Runner, Trainspotting and Twin Peaks.
Daughter and Daniel Blake.
Ryuichi Sakamoto and Cornelius.
What were the best albums of 2017 for creativity and context?


● Interview: DYGL Yuko Okubo + Tsutomu Noda / Photo: Reiko Toyama

● 30 best albums of 2017
(Yuko Okubo, Takeshi Kizu, Takune Kobayashi, Mariko Sakamoto, Yoko Sawai, Hayato Takahashi, Tsutomu Noda, Masato Matsumura, Itaru Mita)

●Special talk: Could it be another bubble? Sayawaka x Itaru Mita
● Interview: Wednesday Campanella Tsutomu Noda + Itaru Mita / Photo: Kentaro Oshio
●Special talk: Have sex and take it out! Yoshiharu Shiraishi x Yasushi Kurihara
●Top 10 movies
(Mariko Sakamoto, Tsuyoshi Kizu, Maki Mizukoshi, Itaru Mita)

・50 years since Summer of Love Itaru Mita
・Anarchism in the UK Gaiden Part 12 Mikako Brady
・Rogue Poetry Collection No. 6 Maki Mizukoshi
・Music and Politics 10th Ryo Isobe
・People & May final episode Jun Togawa