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Billie Holiday: Blues for Lady Day by Paolo Parigi (Author)


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"Billie Holiday - Blues for Lady Day"
Paolo Parigi (author)
Arisako Ishihara (translator)

The origins that D'Angelo, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyoncé return to. The second popular comic novel is Billie Holiday! A heartfelt book in response to Black Lives Matter!

Strange fruits grow on the trees of the south... The truth behind "Strange Fruits" is something we should look back on now, and is now revealed by a rare Italian graphic artist!
The second volume of the popular spiritual jazz comic depicts the unparalleled jazz vocalist Billie Holiday. But why Billie Holiday now? His previous book, Coltrane, was published in Italy in 2009 and has since been published in a total of seven countries, gaining acclaim all over the world. In response to this, author Paolo Parigi, who was working on his next work, suddenly decided to change his plans and focus on Billie Holiday. "Black Lives Matter"...The author's passionate thoughts as he looks at the current times explode! The long-awaited Japanese translation of this book, which is a must-read book at a time when black culture is at a boiling point, is now available.