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"FUNGI - Fungi Novel Collection No. I Colony"


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Mushrooms are closer to animals than plants, but are completely different from both.
This book was co-edited by Orin Gray and Sylvia Moreno-Garcia.
They hit it off over the topic of the Japanese horror movie Matango, and this anthology is a collection of novels about mysterious fungi.
Welcome to the dizzying forest of mushroom stories.

■What is FUNGI?

Fungi, meaning fungi.
In a broad sense, it also includes bacteria (Schizomycetes),
In a narrow sense, it refers to true fungi such as slime molds, molds, yeasts, and mushrooms.
From “New English-Japanese Dictionary 6th Edition” (Kenkyusha)

■From the preface

Members of the fungi kingdom are closer to animals than plants, but
Yet, it is a different kind of mysterious creature that is fundamentally different from both.

The editor goes beyond body horror and William Hope Hodgson's mushroom human,
We sought works that explored the potential of fungi novels.
Writers have released their spores far and wide.

The reader will learn that mushrooms of all kinds play diverse roles,
You'll be relishing all sorts of stories spanning the gamut from horror to dark fantasy.

FUNGI - Fungi Novel Collection No. I Colony
Orrin Gray & Silvia Moreno-Garcia (eds.) Yoshio Nomura (translation) Kotaro Iizawa (commentary)

Release date: 2017/3/30
Price: 1,600 yen + tax