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"ele-king vol.17" Tsutomu Noda, Itaru Mita (eds.)


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2015 in indie music
Will we choose one?

Special feature: 2015 music, political season "How to walk in 2016"

[20 Best Albums of 2015]
2015 proved that music is still alive and well as a divining stick of the times.
Kendrick Lamar and Di Angelo in the US, Young Fathers and Jam City in the UK, and Saho Terao and KOHH in Japan.
And Jamie XX's young romanticism warmed cold hearts.
But what was missing in 2015 was humor.
20 best albums of the year.

[Special feature: Political season “How to walk in 2016”]
Music is an escapist circus, a shelter for dreams.
However, some things can awaken you to realism.
Reality is so noisy now that you don't have time to dream?
Even if you try to depict the times and pin them down, the times are always moving.
More intensely than we think.
In Japan we have SEALDs and in America we have #BlackLivesMatter. So
They are somehow connected to music culture.
How can we move forward from the political season of 2015 to 2016?

【table of contents】
Photo Jun Tsunoda

interview OPN(Oneohtrix Point Never) Itaru Mita + Mariko Sakamoto

2015 Best Albums of the Year 20 (Satoshi Izumi, Tsuyoshi Kizu, Natsune Kitazawa, Hayato Takahashi, Denshinooto, Tsutomu Noda, Yuho Hashimoto, Mikako Brady, Itaru Mita, Toshihiro Yano)
Rough Trade NY 2015 Written by Yoko Sawai + George Flanagan
Best 10 movies (Toshiki Kizu, Tsutomu Noda, Maki Mizukoshi, Itaru Mita)
2015 personal interview written by Kazuhiko Masumura

Special feature: Political season “How to walk in 2016”
Interview Aiki Okuda (SEALDs), Etsumasa Ushida (SEALDs) Satoshi Izumi + Maki Mizukoshi + Yasuhiro Ohara
Kendrick Lamar and the summer of 70 years after the war Izumi Chi
Margaret Thatcher, the savior of UK music Written by Mikako Brady
“One Slogan, Many Methods” ── #BlackLivesMatter Text by Takashi Mita
Why people in their 20s don't go to clubs: Thoughts on dubstep and grime Mike Sunda x Hayato Takahashi x Tsutomu Noda
A university doesn't need a literature department? Mariko Sakamoto x Itaru Mita
Dancing in the Street: Street Politics for 2016 Ikuo Gonoi x Maki Mizukoshi

Hatsune Miku's Present, Past, and Future (Part 2) Text/Visual Wataru Sasaki
Hatena Francais Vol. 4 The relationship of love rather than war by Yoko Yamada
Music and Politics Vol.7 Straight Outta Somewhere By Ryo Isobe
Anarchism in the UK Gaiden Vol.8 Love and PC by Mikako Brady
People and Me People and I Vol.8 The late Lolita Junko (Part 1) Written by Jun Togawa

interview Shinichiro Watanabe Yuho Hashimoto + Tsutomu Noda + Yasuhiro Ohara

interview KODE 9 Hayato Takahashi + Emi Aoki

gallery Jun Yokoyama

13 interludes: Jim O'Rourke in 2015 Masato Matsumura + Ryosuke Kikuchi

Release date: 2015/12/22