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“New Order, Joy Division, and Me” Bernard Sumner (author)


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Bernard Sumner, founding member and guitarist of Joy Division and lead singer of New Order.

His reticence has been known over the years...
He has been an integral part of Manchester's music scene since the 1970s, witnessing a defining moment that created one of the most influential bands of all time.
Now, the story of Joy Division/New Order revealed for the first time, Manchester, punk, NY club experience, "Blue Monday" production secret story, acid house and Ibiza, the split of the band ... and thoughts on Ian Curtis. ...Bernard Sumner's autobiography is finally published!

■Information and apology■
This book was translated from the first edition published in the UK in 2014, but when the paperback version was published in the UK in September 2015, some descriptions were revised.
We would like to apologize to all our readers. (2015.9)

384 pages, hardbound
Release date: 2015/9/18