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“Destroy it! ──Learn from Fujio Akatsuka’s “Idiot””


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Why do people get naked and stick candles in their butts?
Are you talking about gags until the morning and getting excited about being unproductive...
No, it's precisely in times like this that we need "idiots"!

What exactly is Fujio Akatsuka's "baka"?
The great figures who led the subculture in the 1970s, including the godfather of the subculture, jazzmen, folk singers, and film directors, who were friends with him during his lifetime, now talk about the greatness of Fujio Akatsuka.

Tetsuro Takahira, former editor-in-chief of “Takarajima” and supervisor of “Warate Iitomo!”
Radical folk singer and actor - Hiroshi Mikami
One of the masters of Japanese free jazz active around the world - Akira Sakata
Beatnik poet, jazz critic, and legendary parodist - Seitatsu Oku
Radicalist of the Japanese film industry: Masao Adachi
The great pianist of Japanese free jazz - Yosuke Yamashita

Tetsuro Takahira, Hiroshi Mikami, Akira Sakata, Narutatsu Oku, Masao Adachi, Yosuke Yamashita
Release date: 2015/9/14