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Bessatsu ele-king "Jim O'Rourke Complete Reader -all About Jim O'Rourke-" Masato Matsumura (ed.)


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Released in 1999, "Eureka" was not only a work that collected the best of 90's music, which was extremely sharp and fragmented, but also the 2000-2010's that continued in the conflict between experimentation and pop. It was truly a masterpiece of the century, full of hints of.

This album catapulted Jim O'Rourke to the center of the scene.
Multifaceted solo work, excellent production work, participation in other bands, masterpieces of electronic music that showed unwavering experimentation in movie music, and collaborations with Eiko Ishibashi and Kenta Maeno after coming to Japan in 2006? Everyone knows his success.

Then, in May 2014, Jim O'Rourke released a "singing album" under his own name.
There must be something condensed there that has been refined in the years since ``Eureka''.
There are so many things I want to ask about it, or rather, listening to this album, knowing Jim O'Rourke from many angles is nothing but knowing the current state of music, not only the 90's. It should even become clear that there is an awareness of issues that overturns retrospect.
Jim O'Rourke talks about his new work? Super long interview
Comprehensive review of new works by 10 critics, commentary by related parties, discography supervised by the author himself (closest to complete)

Only the first edition comes with a bound postcard of Jim's portrait drawn by Fujio Professionals!

Release date: 2015/5/15