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Bessatsu ele-king “Reading Night Stories ─ Book Guide for Music Fans” Masato Matsumura (ed.)


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While the publishing recession has become commonplace and the polarization between bestsellers and non-bestsellers continues to grow, the reason why there are still many books featuring books and for books in bookstores is a sense of nostalgia for things that are disappearing. is it?

I don't think so with this book. The reason why the ``media'' of books is constantly being reconsidered is that ``reading'' brings about an ``experience'' that goes beyond the reader's motivation.
In this book, I will be searching for such a book. Although it looks like a catalog at first glance, this book is not just about convenience.

While reflecting 2015, please open this book and look for the intention of "reading" that distinguishes the present from the past by not being particular about the present.

<table of contents>
Chapter 1
Relationship between music and books Interview with Shohei Takagi (cero) Interviewer: Ryo Isobe
Taruhoid Meteor Shower Again Interview with Kazuhiko Masumura (The Forest Is Alive) Interviewer: Tsutomu Noda
Thoughts that do not stand outside the world: Interview with Kazushi Hosaka
More than 6 books by Nobuo Kojima Masato Matsumura
The merits and demerits of metafiction and the current state of parafiction: Interview with Atsushi Sasaki
Questionnaire My 3 volumes Shion Yukawa
21st Century Domestic Literature 10 Toshihiro Yano
The Magical Touch of Novels: The World of Latin American Literature Interview with Ryukichi Terao
21st Century Foreign Literature Chiko Ishii
Four books on the 70th anniversary of the war Masato Matsumura
Six books from the 1990s Toshihiro Yano

Chapter 2
■ Politics, Thought, Criticism and Education ■
Is freedom of expression still possible? Dialogue: Ikuo Gonoi x Maki Mizukoshi, Masato Matsumura
Questionnaire My Three Volumes Saho Terao
Classics and history How to read Tadashi Ishikawa
Forced and voluntary arrangements: Rereading conversion theory Toshihiro Yano
What “They don't teach you at school” means Yutaka Wakao
5 books for reading “society” through practice

Chapter 3
■Poetry and poets■
21st Century Tanka Research: 13 Collections of 13 Poems from the Bottom of the World by Yu Nagai
A book to quench your thirst: How to see off a crowded train Interview with Kazuki Tomokawa
Poetry Photo Making Time Yoshinori Heguchi

Chapter 4
Recommendation for thorough reading: How to lack the skill of an artist Interview with Manabu Yuasa
You won't know the ending until the end Shota Sometani interview
Conflict between orality (voice) and literacy (letter) by Takashi Mita
The book that created the pop of reading by Harumi Yamazaki: Interview with Harumi Yamazaki
20 books to give you only the inner thrill without any meaning - Harumi Yamazaki
Words created by contradictions: In search of lost music books Yoshio Otani
Rock's "dreaming power" is limitless Sheena's Mob Norio rereads "YOU MAY DREAM"
Muscles for watching movies: Movie books you should discover now Yasuto Higuchi

Photo: Ryosuke Kikuchi Yasuhiro Ohara

Release date: 2015/4/15