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“Tenamonya SUN RA Story: Tracing the history of jazz greats through recordings” Manabu Yuasa (author)


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The originality of the overwhelming swing, ensemble, and improvisation is irreplaceable, and once you know about it, you can't help but fall in love with it. About 21 years ago, it was no longer possible to expect a pure new work by Sun Ra. In fact, it may be said that we are finally beginning to grasp the full picture of Sun Ra's vast music and thoughts.

It's now 100 years since Sun Ra descended to Earth!

This is a long-awaited music book that will be published in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Sun Ra's birth.

``Tenamonya Sannakkasa,'' which began in the January 2001 issue of ``Music Magazine'' with the opening line, ``When I see a mirage, I think of Sun Ra,'' is a reference to the many recordings released to date. This series traces the footsteps of this rare musician, and has been hailed as one of the author's masterpieces due to his brushstrokes. 4 years in the making, about 10 years since the end of the 46-part series, this book is a masterpiece that adds the newly discovered pre-history of Sun Ra until he became Sun Ra, and carefully examines the excavated sound sources that continue even after his death. Interplanetary music criticism!

Release date: 2014/10/29