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"Imayura" by Seiichi Yamamoto (Author)


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Rohan Koda and Seiichi Yamamoto with guitars.
The long-awaited latest work, “Imayura”, following the masterpieces “Ginga” and “Yun”, is finally published!

This work also features many unique illustrations. Is it only Seiichi Yamamoto that his insight/observation skills about music and everyday life are at a superhuman level, and there is no deep connection with the album?
Music, paintings, photographs, antiques, and most importantly, writing! The impact level is MAX with special talent!

His essay ”Kenyoshi Houshi? Eerie wisdom'' published in ”Bungakukai'' (Bungei Shunjusha) was selected as ”Best Essay 2014'' by the Japan Writers Association.

From serialized essays in ”Eleking'' and ”DU'' to mysterious novels that would blow away even Naoki Akutagawa, these are the best books chosen by record stores in 2014.

Release date: 2014/7/23