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“ele-king vol.12” Tsutomu Noda + Masato Matsumura (eds.)


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■The cover and opening interview is Ogre You Asshole's Manabu Deto!

■Complete feature 2013 Eleking ranking!
Here we go, the 2013 financial results issue! This year's No. 1 work selected by ele-king is...! ?

Complete with roundtable discussions, disc reviews, interviews, and questionnaires!
Interview: Mitsume, DJ Browser, Actress, Woodman x Kes (Paisley Parks) Juke chat!

Best survey of the year: Arabee/OMSB (Simi Lab)/Yusuke Kobayashi (THE NOVEMBERS)/Seiho/Hakukin Date/Shugo Tokumaru/Toby Feltwell/Masahiro Naoe (Carnation)/D.J.Fulltono/Takeshi Maeda/Madegg/Mitsume / Marriage land

■Second feature “Bristol New School”
What's happening in Bristol right now? For the first time in 20 years, we feature the fastest “certain movement” in Japan!

■ The third special feature "Post-Jazz"
Is there such a word? "...there is!" An interview, column, and disc guide with Naruyoshi Kikuchi, whose activities as the Jazz Dominators are gaining more and more attention!

■10 pages of color, popular series “Neo Graphism”
A visual introduction to <FADE TO MIND>, one of the most popular labels of the year.
Experience state-of-the-art sounds and graphics!

■Special project
Kazushi Hosaka x Manabu Yuasa's "Music Talk"
Interview with Toshiki Okada

■Serialization, culture column are also substantial!
Tsuchika Nishimura, tomad, Mikako Brady, Junko Kaneda, Shin Futaki, Seiichi Yamamoto, Ryo Isobe, and others

Release date: 2013/12/21